We capped off Lauren's birthday week with an awesome birthday celebration. We dressed up as the cast of Grease and Lauren was Sandy. She had such a good time celebrating with her cousins. What nobody knew is that Lauren had spent last night in the ER. One of her chemo medications made her spike a fever of 104 and we brought her in right away. They gave her fluids and Tylenol and we thought for sure we had to cancel the party. To our surprise her counts were the highest they have ever been and they let us go home. Around 4am her fever broke and Katrina and I had decided that we were going to call everyone in the morning and cancel. When we woke up at 9am Lauren popped up and started asking about her party. She was a brand new kid. The fluids and Tylenol had done their job. Last year we didn't have a party as she was neutropenic and couldn't be around other kids. We saw the look in her eyes, she wasn't going to let anything stop her from enjoying this birthday. So, here she is totally rocking her Halloween consume. She refuses to let the side effects from chemo hold her back. People talk about how much of a fighter she is. Our perspective of her fight is special, we have the best seats in the house and she still amazes us on a daily basis.