Shortly after our post last night, Lauren spiked another fever of 103.6 which lasted a better part of the night. Ice packs accompanied by Tylenol finally brought down it down at 4:30am. She has been fever free since and her heart rate has maintained between 111 and 120.

She woke up in great spirits and with quite the appetite. She also was energetic enough to walk about the room. A complete 180 from yesterday which makes us (and her doctors) so happy! To add to a great day, Santa personally delivered a present to her thanks to the help from her favorite nurse, Ms. Kait - in the doorway 😊.

After the mid morning rounds, the Dr.'s determined that she was well enough to go home. We are to keep up with the antibiotics for ten days and Tylenol as needed for the next few. She was so excited to go that she ran through the halls, literally.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers for our little Angel 💛.