As a father, Lauren having cancer is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Watching her have to go through treatment is the hardest thing to bear as I never want to see my baby hurt. However, her having cancer has equally been a huge blessing for me. I have met so many beautiful people that I would have never met otherwise. It has made me put things into perspective. I've been able to focus my energy on a special purpose, to help others like me. She has showed me true strength. She continues to teach me patience (I have much more work to be done on that). She shows me compassion. She has taught me to be a good dad, husband and person. She gave my life direction. The kids I've been able to meet have showed me true courage. I've learned that it's okay to love, especially love people that you've just met. I can go on and on and on... But mostly, her smile has showed me that no matter how dark it gets, a smile can brighten a room.

To cancer: I hate you, but thank you.

Pinkwinterhat #LIVFREE