Lauren has fueled up for the next chapter in her battle. This morning she goes in for a minor surgery to remove her port. For those not familiar, a portacath or port, is a medical device implanted under the skin that is directly connected to a vein. This makes the administration of chemo and drawing of blood much simpler. It's another signal (last major) of the end of her treatment so it is another "good" milestone. We are definitely excited but still nervous and prayers and thoughts are once again requested. 
Today she will receive a scar on her chest, close to her heart. She will forever wear that scar as a constant reminder of the most important battle she has or will ever face. I hope that she is never insecure or embarrassed by this scar. I hope that she will wear it with pride. I hope she realizes that it represents the strength she has but more importantly the strength she gave to others.