Meet Adalia. She is 14 years old and is battling Burkitt’s lymphoma. Like all children fighting cancer, she’s had ups and downs and her family is right there with her every step of the way. When they connected with us they said that they needed to take a break from cancer and had talked about going to a new indoor water park, The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark. We set up a date and made it happen. As you can see, she and her sister enjoyed themselves and were able to be kids without doctors visits on their mind.

I would like to send a special thank you to the Kartrite and their staff (especially Harriet). They went above and beyond to make sure Adalia’s family were cared for during their stay. They are a world class organization and we look forward to working with them again.


This is our new buddy, Teddy. He is quite possibly the worlds biggest 3 year old Yankees fan. When we heard that he and his family are Yanks fans, we knew we could make their day. Teddy is fighting a brain tumor and we realize that he and his family deserved some time away. Everyone knows that train rides and awesome seats at Yankee Stadium are the perfect way for family to take a break and create memories to last forever. Check out this beautiful family...


Our new buddy Jonny and his family had a blast at their first Yankees game yesterday!! We wish him the best throughout his treatment. Hopefully this little break will help give a boost to his morale!!

Brandon (Part 2)

When young adults (people aged 19-24) are diagnosed with cancer it comes with its own set of challenges. They aren’t kids anymore but they aren’t quite adults either. Not only is their family life affected, their social life is greatly impacted as well. This is why we focus on assisting young adults too. We have met many young adults battling cancer and one thing we always hear is that there aren’t many programs or organizations that support this age group. We do.

You may remember seeing Brandon’s story a while back. He was diagnosed with leukemia in his early twenties. Three years ago we provided Yankee tickets so he could take a break from chemo and doctors visits.

Today, Brandon is all done with treatment and doing well. Here he is with his mom and sister enjoying another Yankees game this past Wednesday. We LOVE seeing their smiles.

Congrats to Brandon and family. We are very happy to see you doing so well. Thank you for being apart of the LivFree family!



This strong and beautiful 10 year old girl’s name is Eden. She has been fighting Leukemia for a few years now and is doing well at the present moment. She and her two brothers had never been to a Yankee game and thought it would be a great time. Well, they were right! We were able to score them some awesome seats for the game! By the smiles on their faces it looks like they had a blast!
#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer#childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy#chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness#fighter #connecticut #strong #strength #smiles #strong


Saturday was filled with fun. Matthew and his brother are obviously enjoying the scrambler (our personal favorite ride of all time). Their family has been battling cancer for a while now and needed a break. They enjoyed their Saturday together at Six Flags Great Adventure. Our favorite part is the smiles. The fact that these kids can still keep a smile while going through cancer is inspiring! Happy Monday all!!

70534545_948189908855735_5283653627779481600_n (1).jpg


Here’s our buddy, Quinn. This kid (he’s 21 so he’s not really a kid) is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. He was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma a few years back. He says his cancer experience was “the best worst thing to ever happen to me”. Since his remission, he has volunteered his time to help other kids with cancer. He is now a regular and beloved camp counselor at Camp Rising Sun.

We met Quinn a few months ago and he said he would like to attend a WWE event at Madison Square Garden. We had some great supporters of ours come through with the most amazing seats EVER!!! Quinn had 4 front row tickets and decided to take his friend and fellow cancer survivor, Alex with him. These two had an incredible time. They were able to shake hands with most of the superstars and share a bunch of laughs.

All of the kids we meet are so incredible. They are strong, humble, and compassionate. We are so blessed to know them and call them family.


Meet Bailey. She is a beautiful 8 year old from Georgia. She has been battling a brain tumor for the last 2 years. Her family reached out to us because they were in need of a break so we delivered. They whole family enjoyed a night and two days at Great Wolf Lodge in Georgia. Check out some pics below.

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer#childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy#chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness#fighter #connecticut #strong #strength #smiles #strong

Bayler Family

This past weekend the Bayler family from Ohio spent the weekend at Kalahari indoor water park. Their days were full of family fun playing in the water and all the attractions. Their daughter, Ellie, has been battling a brain tumor and this trip was a great break from all the doctors visits.

From the family: Ellie says, “It was so much fun!” She is finally feeling more energetic and it was just nice to have old normal family Funtime again!

This is what LivFree is all about. Taking a break from childhood cancer, providing a boost in morale and spending quality time as a family.

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer#childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy#chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness#fighter #connecticut #strong #strength #smiles #strong


LivFree had another great weekend. On Saturday night Dylan, her 3 sisters and mom and dad were able to catch the Shawn Mendes concert! The night started with a beautiful dinner at Tuscany in Mohegan Sun and ended with an incredible concert experience. We are so privileged to be able to provide these kinds of nights out for families. Dylan has had a long road of fighting an aggressive bone cancer. She and her family have shown so much strength throughout her treatments. This break was completely deserved and needed.


Lynn has battling leukemia for a couple of years now. After a week at Camp Rising sun, she and her family wanted to cap off their summer with a special little getaway. LivFree was able to book them a beautiful room at the Pleasant View Inn right on the beach at Misquamicut, CT. As you can see, it was a perfect little trip full of sun, sand and ocean. We are glad they were all able to take it all in and enjoy as a family. To us, the best part is her beautiful smile. Pleasant View Inn

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer#cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family #familytime #events#helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity#givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness #fighter #connecticut #strong#strength #smiles #strong


Mikey is a Saints fan and dad is a Jets fan so when the Saints came to New York it was perfect! We LOVE seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. Here is a great testimonial from a family currently fighting cancer:
We were given the opportunity to go to a Jets vs Saints game from LIVFREE! This is a organization that gives kids the ability to take a break from treatment and just enjoy family time like a “normal family”!
Mikey is fighting a cold and is on steroids but he pushed through and he had an amazing time! He cannot wait to go to his next game. The seats were awesome and we all had a fabulous time. Not to mention the Saints beat the Jets! That was a bonus for Mikey!!
Thank you to LIVFREE for this experience not only for Mikey but for all of us! It is a memory that will last is a lifetime! What you are doing is making a difference!!
#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere#pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer#cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology#chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity#givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness#fighter #connecticut #strong #strength #smiles#strong


Yesterday this young cancer fighter, James, and his family took a break from treatment and enjoyed family time at Sesame Place!

Check out the pics below!


Our guy, Tony, enjoyed a Yankee game with some of his family this past weekend. Having cancer during the teenage or young adult years can be particularly tough. Until there is no more childhood cancer, we will do our best to improve the lives of those that battle it. #livfree #fun#cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer#cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family #familytime #events#helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity#givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness #fighter #connecticut#strong #strength #yankees #redsox


Want to hear an incredible story?

At 16 years old Payton was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer, so rare that he’s only the third case in the US. He endured many cycles of chemotherapy and a miracle happened, he was declared to be in remission. After a pet scan a few months later the cancer returned but in a different location in his body. His prognosis wasn’t good at all. The doctors wanted to give new trials to see if it would help prolong his life.

Two years after his original diagnosis and months of chemo, at 18, Payton decided that he didn’t want to treat his cancer with chemotherapy any longer. He felt that living on chemo was not living at all. He decided that he was going to take the time he has left and live life to the fullest.

Payton is a gamer, he has many friends all over the country that play online with him. One of his wishes was to actually meet some of the kids he’s been playing with online. The other day Payton flew from his home in Texas to Connecticut to meet and stay with some of these gamer buddies. These kids, who had never met in real life, were instantly bonded. They have been hanging out joking, laughing and playing; just being kids.

LivFree played a small part by treating them all to dinner at Pepe’s Pizza and a special delivery of Insomnia Cookies for their late night gaming snacks. We are so fortunate to have heard about Peyton and his story. The real take away here is that no matter what we are going through, we have to live life. We have to enjoy the moments we have while we are here because soon, we won’t be. We should take the risks we’ve always contemplated and we should seek out the time to spend with those we love. Godspeed Payton, you are inspiring many.

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer#childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy#chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness#fighter #connecticut #strong #strength #gamer

Parents night out

🙌🏼 Another great experience for a family that deserves a break from cancer. Our focus is on the whole family because we know that mom, dad, sister and brother all are heavily impacted by a child’s diagnosis. Last night, a Mom and Dad were able to experience a night out from which they haven’t had many. Their son fought cancer for 3 years and during that time, not only were they busy caring for him, they raised thousands of dollars for pediatric cancer charities! A new donor, Matt Guerra donated tickets to see Florida Georgia Line last night in Hartford. These tickets were incredible and they had a blast! Thank you for the tickets and welcome to the LivFree family!

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer#childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy#chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness#fighter #connecticut #strong #strength

Alex and Chelsea

Last night was INCREDIBLE!!! Two young adults, Alex and Chelsea, had reached out to us about going to see the Adam Sandler stand up special with their families. Both were recently declared to be in remission and we knew this would be a great way to celebrate. As fate would have it, we had a supporter that was able to get them backstage to meet Adam Sandler AND Rob Schneider!!! The kids were so excited to meet them, their smile absolutely lit up the room when they walked in. We are so honored to have been able to provide this great experience for them! #livfree #fun#cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer#cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family #familytime #events#helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity#givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness #fighter #connecticut#strong #strength #adamsandler #standupcomedy @adamsandler @iamrobschneider


Last year LivFree put together a package for Kiara and her wonderful family to visit New York City. They had a beautiful room with great views, visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and went to the top of the Empire State Building. The trip had such a positive impact that they wanted to help us create a great experience for another family battling pediatric cancer. Kiara and her sister teamed with @resiliencegives to design and sell socks with proceeds going directly to LivFree. They ended up raising $2660.50!!!!

Today Kiara and family gave us this wonderful card, hand made and it means the world to us. As the tears flowed, the magnitude of what we are doing at LivFree hit me. We are positively impacting the lives of those that need and deserve it most. We allow them to briefly forget about the troubles they are going through. We also provide an outlet for others to give back.

Today’s lunch was incredible, I mean here is a young girl that is fighting cancer but took the time to think of others. I can’t even put the words together to explain this feeling. Thank you to @kiarasanders44 for being so strong and so thoughtful. We wish you all the best. @tlcksanders you and your family are incredible. Thank you for being part of the LivFree family!

Livfree Families

Livfree is all about family time. Our goal is to provide families going through the worst that life can offer, a brief moment where they can forget about cancer and just be a family that smiles together. As a cancer family that went through it, we know how easy it is to lose our “normal”. We realize that everything familiar can be taken away in the blink of an eye and then that way of life becomes an after thought. LivFree is here to remind those families that despite the hard times, they can have “normal” again, even if just for a few hours.

Below is our latest LivFree family. They were able to spend some time at Foxwoods at the arcade, the Hard Rock Cafe, go-carts and of course, the pool. The smiles... that’s our WHY

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer#childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy#chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #survivor #nonprofit#awareness #fighter #connecticut #strong #strengthLast year LivFree put together a package for Kiara and her wonderful family to visit New York City. They had a beautiful room with great views, visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and went to the top of the Empire State Building. The trip had such a positive impact that they wanted to help us create a great experience for another family battling pediatric cancer. Kiara and her sister teamed with @resiliencegives to design and sell socks with proceeds going directly to LivFree. They ended up raising $2660.50!!!!

Today Kiara and family gave us this wonderful card, hand made and it means the world to us. As the tears flowed, the magnitude of what we are doing at LivFree hit me. We are positively impacting the lives of those that need and deserve it most. We allow them to briefly forget about the troubles they are going through. We also provide an outlet for others to give back.

Today’s lunch was incredible, I mean here is a young girl that is fighting cancer but took the time to think of others. I can’t even put the words together to explain this feeling. Thank you to @kiarasanders44 for being so strong and so thoughtful. We wish you all the best. @tlcksanders you and your family are incredible. Thank you for being part of the LivFree family!


Mom and Dad need a break too!

The whole family is heavily impacted when a child is diagnosed. I wanted to share a message from a parent so you can understand a little bit of what they are going through and why our mission is so important:

“My now 4 year old warrior was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer shortly after her first birthday in 2016. Since then we have been down 5 dead end roads, 6 surgeries, countless mris, scans, port flushes, hour rides to the hospital weekly. I was forced to step back from my career last year to take on my most important job yet, My daughter’s advocate. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted. I spend every waking moment for my family. Making appointments, doing research, mending belly aches, sorting meds, whatever I need to do to keep our heads above water. In the process I’m losing myself, and I’m not ashamed to say I NEED A BREAK. Music was and will always be a huge part of my life and has kept my head as clear as can be expected. I’m not picky, I’ll see anyone, anywhere, anytime....”

We sent this Mom and Dad to see Queen at Madison Square Garden last week. It seems as if it is exactly what they needed. Remember it is you, the supporters, that allow us to make this kind of impact. Thank you!

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere#pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer#cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology#chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity#givingback #leukemia #nonprofit #awareness#fighter #connecticut #strong #strengt



We want to introduce you to this beautiful young girl, Issy. In July of last year, at just 12 years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. During her surgery the doctors removed a tumor about the size of a golf ball. Due to the location of the tumor, she faced many obstacles included impaired vision, trouble walking, and trouble swallowing. In the following months Issy started chemo therapy, physical therapy and radiation therapy. Recently she was able to go home and was able to celebrate her 13th birthday. After going through all of this for so long, Issy and her family needed and deserved a break and we were able to provide it!! She and her mother were able to head to Broadway to watch Hamilton!!! She was so excited to hang out with her mom and enjoy great seats for the show! We cannot express how important it is for the whole family to regain that sense of normalcy. Sometimes we can easily take for granted how therapeutic it is to just spend time with each other and just forget about our troubles.


Last week we assisted our 106th family by providing a day out to the Boston Red Sox. Dino, 13, was recently diagnosed with a rare bone cancer and was in Boston to consult with doctors. Luckily, the Red Sox were in town and they were able to catch the game. As always, the Sox were very accommodating as they provided a tour of Fenway, on field access during batting practice and tickets to a suite so the family wouldn’t have to sit out in the cold. (We cannot thank the organization enough, they are truly amazing!)

When we asked how their trip went the response melted us: “You had said that when you started LIVFREE it was so that families could “take a break, enjoy each other and have fun.” I wondered how it could be possible to forget the circumstances that brought us to Boston and then to the this outing... but we did. We laughed, danced, ate and had fun.... Our family will forever be LIVFREE and RED SOX fans!”

This is what’s it’s all about, giving families an opportunity to forget about the cancer and treatments and just... be a family.



Meet Maeve! She is a beautiful 7 year old girl that was diagnosed with leukemia back in May and has been receiving daily chemotherapy ever since. Maeve loves to swim so she wanted to go with her brother, Rowan, to Kalahari water park and resort in the Poconos. They all had such a great time at the park and Maeve even got to be a mermaid!! This trip was so meaningful for the whole family as it was their first trip since the diagnosis and the first time they didn’t have to think about cancer. The smiles say it all.

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family #familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #survivor #nonprofit


Hey everyone, meet Avery, survivor of neuroblastoma. This beauty is from New Jersey and is a huge fan of Darci Lynn, the ventriloquist. Luckily, Miss Lynn was performing today and we were able to score amazing tickets and a special limo ride to the show!! You can follow Avery’s journey at Avery And Her Bravery. Your support was what made this possible!! Thank you all, this smile says it all.


Last weekend our buddy PJ was able to go watch his two favorite teams, the Celtics and Warriors battle it out in Boston! As you can see he and his mom had a great time. These smiles is what it is all about! #100

Fun with Colin’s Crew

Today was an incredible day for us. We teamed up with another great organization, Colin's Crew to provide families affected by pediatric cancer tickets to Disney on Ice. It was so magical to see 25 families, strangers with so much in common, enjoy time as a family, together. The best part was seeing all the smiles. Thank you to all the families that attended!


Our little buddy, Anthony, is just 8 years old and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Near Haploid Leukemia last year. He and his family live in Florida and inquired about spending some time in New York City for Christmas. We reached out to some donors and in a short time had flights and hotel donated to this beautiful family. They flew out on Thursday and spent three days in the city, checking out all the attractions. They went to the top of the Roc, saw the tree, went to Central Park, visited the Statue of Liberty, top of the Empire State Building, ice skating in Bryant Park and had some world famous Black Tap Milkshakes! Whew! Most importantly they did it all as a family. They were busy but as you can see, they absolutely loved it.

This is our vision of Christmas, where we all put the hustle and bustle aside and make it about the real gifts in our lives.


Earlier this week we requested your help to make a trip to NYC extra special for a family in need, the support you gave exceeded our expectations. Erin is fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma and this trip allowed her to take her mind off of that, even if just for the day. Erin and family were able to enjoy The Christmas Spectacular as a family. She is pictured here in the middle of her three siblings. They represent our 98th family helped, thank you for your continued support. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer#cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family #familytime #events#helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity#givingback #leukemia #survivor #nonprofit



A few months back I met a young man in the hospital while we were delivering Italian Ice. Austyn, just 17 years old, had been recently diagnosed with Tcell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma just a few months before the start of his senior year. I briefly introduced myself and gave a quick explanation of LivFree. He was admitted so I knew he was having a tough day but his energy told a different story. This young man has a great energy and you could feel his determination.

The next day I received a call from his Mother asking for more info about LivFree. As I explained I also asked some questions about Austyn and learned that he loved playing basketball. His mom had indicated his favorite player had been traded to the Celtics but didn’t know who it was.... but I did. After we hung up I emailed a friend from Family Reach an organization based out of Boston who was able to connect us with the Celtics. Within a couple of hours we had confirmation that Austyn and his family would be able to attend practice, meet the players and attend a game.

On Friday Katrina and I delivered a package to Austyn and his Mom at the clinic. He was receiving chemo and a blood transfusion, but that didn’t matter. He was so excited to be going to Boston on Monday. He was smiling from ear to ear and it’s something we will never forget. Here are a few pics of Austyn at today’s practice with the Boston Celtics and meeting his favorite player, Kyrie Irving.

For more on Austyn and his fight visit Austyn’s Army


A few weeks ago a young girl named Karen wanted to watch her favorite artist, Ozuna, in concert. Luckily, he was in town performing at Mohegan Sun! With the help of two very generous donors we were able to provide Karen’s whole family to a great night out. In addition to the concert they enjoyed an over night stay, a great meal at SolToro Restaurant and a gift card to the arcade! Karen is currently in treatment and this mini trip was a huge boost for her morale. Most importantly, they were able to spend time as a family!!


Our little buddy, Cameron, enjoyed some time away from hospitals, doctors and chemo this past weekend. His family enjoyed spending time with Elmo and Cameron’s other favorite sesame characters. Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us put this wonderful smile on his face, he is way more than deserving of it.

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family #familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #survivor #nonprofit


This weekend a beautiful young girl named Kiara and her family enjoyed a trip to New York City. We were able to provide tickets to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Empire State Building! The great people at The Wagner Hotel in Battery Park graciously upgraded them to one of their best suites. The Sanders family had a great time as they were able to escape the chemo treatments and everything else associated with pediatric cancer, even if only for one weekend. A break and a sense of normalcy is so important to the morale of the children and the family. Please wish Kiara luck with her continued battle.

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer #childhoodcancer#cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family #familytime #events#helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy #chemo #health #charity#givingback #leukemia #survivor #nonprofit



80th Family Helped

A couple weeks ago we connected with our 80th family. We were able to provide flights from Minnesota to NYC and a few tickets to some attractions. The highlight was checking out a Knicks game vs the Minnesota Timberwolves (their home team). They were able to meet the coach and players in the locker room and got some autographs!!! We are so blessed to have supporters like you all to help us provide some much needed family time. This family experienced a trip they will never forget. Thank you all, check out the pics! Don’t forget to share our page!

#livfree #fun #cancerisntwinningoverhere #pediatriccancer#childhoodcancer #cancerawareness #cancer #cancersucks #family#familytime #events #helpothers #smile #oncology #chemotherapy#chemo #health #charity #givingback #leukemia #survivor #nonprofit







Peyton Gives Back

The world is definitely in good hands. The kids just get it when it comes to helping others. Peyton is the daughter of a Marine brother of mine, that I served with back in 05-06. He had followed our story and shared it with her. She then told him that for her birthday she wanted to help our cause and donate to help kids battling cancer. Well she had her 9th birthday party yesterday, and true to her word she has raised enough money to send two families to Disney on Ice next week. Thank you Peyton, you have truly made an impact on those in need. Happy birthday young lady, and thank you for being so selfless. Please take a second to wish her a Happy Birthday.


Update:  Two families were able to see Disney on Ice Thanks to Peyton! 



The holiday season can be very overwhelming for many-the shopping, the parties, baking and the awful traffic. The truth is, even though there’s a ton of running around, it’s also one of the greatest times of the year. It’s about being with loved ones creating new lasting memories and also remembering the best of times.

This week LivFree, with the help of friends and family, put a wonderful package together for a special family. A few months ago six year old Lea was diagnosed with DIPG, a rare brain cancer. We fell in love with her families’ courage and knew we wanted to give them something extra special for Christmas. They spent 27 hours in NYC with a bunch of fun activities such as the Rockettes, brunch at American Girl, dinner at Carmine’s, and visited Santa at Santaland at Macy’s. They spent the holidays the way it was meant to, together making memories that will stay with them forever.

To follow Lea’s story: Lessons From Lea

We would like to thank the W New York for their accommodations and going above and beyond. Thank you to Kristen Young-EvolveKristin Rosado, the Vieira family and Lage family for making this happen.




Meet Ryan, he is currently fighting leukemia. 

He is an energetic boy that loves machines. We couldn't think of a better place than Diggerland USA for him and his family to spend some time. As you can see below he had a great time! 

We met him and his family while he and Lauren were being treated for Leukemia. Boys have a longer treatment than girls but Ryan is finishing up his chemo soon. After 3 years of intense treatment he has already had his last dose of intravenous chemo and will finish treatment all together in the next few weeks. 

His family has done a great job with raising awareness by hosting and supporting many events across Connecticut. They will be hosting their annual Poker Run in October with proceeds benefitting LIVFREE! More info to come on that! 

Once again, a huge thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors.





Meet Jimmy, he is a survivor of Bi-lateral Retinoblastoma.

His cancer was discovered at 26 months old. He fought hard for 5 1/2 years through a gauntlet of treatments and procedures. His family is happy to report as of last week, they are 5 years clear. He is very excited to be turning 13 this October.

He was only the 8th child in the world to receive an experimental procedure called interarterial chemotherapy. There was a tremendous amount of risk but proved successful and has since become standard procedure for treating thousands of patients after him. The best part is that most of these kids are keeping their eyes now because of the knowledge gained from the experimental trials.
He is incredibly proud to have taken part in that now that he is old enough to understand.

He will be attending 8th grade at Flood Middle School and plans to run for president of the student body this year while maintaining his straight A average!

Because of your support we were able to send Jimmy and his father to a Yankee game. It was a special night as they faced their bitter rivals, the Red Sox. From the looks of it, they had a blast!


Dr. Joe and Dr. Claudia

Not sure if we ever posted this but these two people are very special to us. Dr. Joe and Claudia were Lauren's primary care givers throughout our whole treatment process. We cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us and continue to do for other families. I especially want to thank Dr Joe for the prescription to go golfing, it was exactly what I needed!


Here is a great note we received from the Keil Family....proof that what we are doing is making a difference.

Livfree was so kind to gift our son Dylan and our family with a day of family fun at "A Day Out with Thomas the Train.". We spent the day together, worry free, enjoying our family time together. It was the first time since our son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of two, that we have spent the entire day together doing something fun and worry free. We are so appreciative to Livfree for giving our family the gift of family time, memories, and carefree living for the day. Cancer families have enormous daily struggles and we are very thankful for LivFree for giving us amazing memories ❤️


Below is Cruz, a young boy that has beaten brain cancer. He has defied the odds in so many ways and now plays soccer regularly. We had a chance to speak to his Dad and their family wanted to go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Massachusetts. We are always up for creating quality family time so LIVFREE provided a whole weekend at the lodge and all the water rides that go along with it. Their family had a great time and his smile says it all. It was such a privilege to work with this family. The mission continues... #50


Gavin and his little sister, Harper, were able to spend a day at the New England Aquarium in Boston this weekend. Gavin is currently fighting leukemia and finishes up in a couple of months. We are so happy that we were able to provide smiles to the whole family! Thank you all for helping make this happen!! #49


Skating on Sherman Green 2017

⛸It was such an honor to bring such a great event to Fairfield. Thank you all for the amazing support. The smiles were endless and the energy was electric. Thank you to our sponsors, all amazing families and businesses, without you all we could not have pulled this off. To our awesome volunteers, thank you for everything. You worked your butts off and took care of all our needs. You are so special to us and we cannot thank you enough. Sincerely, thank you to everyone involved in spreading the mission of LIVFREE and Al's Angels! And now, on to the next one... 🦁


Tea and Keyonna

LIVFREE had such a great weekend and it was capped off by being able to provide tickets to two families to see a Disney on Ice! Dressed up as Snow White is Téa. She is 2 and is fighting Neuroblastoma. She had a small break in treatment and was able to go see the show with her family. She will be getting a stem cell transplant in the next couple of weeks and can use the prayers, visit her page at Tough for Téa.

Keyonna and her family also attended the show and had a great time with her mom and cousins. She just finished up her treatment for leukemia after fighting for two and a half years.

This week four families that have been or are currently going through some very tough times experienced some fun family time. The impact we are having on the morale of their family unit is HUGE! Thank you all for playing a role in assisting these families.


Oliver and Brian

Oliver on the left and Brian on the right (Oliver's brother, Simon, in the middle). They had two different cancers but were treated at the same time, same place. They met briefly while they were fighting cancer and they met again while they bunked together at camp for patients and survivors. Both have done an outstanding job fighting their respective battles. Apparently they had more in common as both are huge Lebron James fans. Tonight Lebron and company were in Brooklyn to face the Nets and LIVFREE was able to link them back up and provide tickets for them to see the King in action. So blessed to be able to provide this night out for two very deserving young men and their families. Again, it's you, our supporters that make this happen. 2017 is the year of LIVFREE!!



Ethan, after nine trips to the doctor and emergency room, was diagnosed with an anaplastic Ependymoma . He was life-starred to Yale, where he underwent a 16 hour surgery, followed by radiation and months of chemo. He needed to relearn how to walk, talk, swallow, breathe, and just be a little boy. Earlier this week LIVFREE provided his family with tickets to see their favorite team play, the Flyers. This experience was so memorable for them all as the game went into overtime and eventually was settled by a shootout. One of the players even threw them a souvenir puck! Such a great family and we are proud to have met them. Once again, it is the supporters of LIVFREE that allows us to make this happen. Thank you all for your support and for providing this family with a memorable experience.





With all of your help and support we were able to provide Anthony's family with tickets to Hershey Park! Anthony, pictured in the tank top, was one of the first young men that we met when Lauren was first diagnosed. I remember him being quiet and polite but had a great energy about him. We keep meeting these young kids with such great spirits. Although he may not know it, he has had a tremendous impact on us. As we watched from afar, he taught us perseverance. Thank you for that Anthony! #cancerisntwinningoverhere



Last week Katrina, Lauren and I took a walk around the block to meet up with our neighbors. The boy in the picture is Ray and he recently beat lymphoma. He is great to be around and has a pretty good jump shot (he also dunked on me but in my defense the rim was lowered). His mom had told us that they had been wanting to go to Lake Compounce for a while so we worked on it and made it happen. This weekend they spent some family time just doing what kids do... Enjoying the summer. We cannot make things like this happen without the support of our followers, sponsors and donors. Thank you to Bender Inc. for your support and helping make this happen.




Meet the Warner-Garcia family. Their youngest son, Matthew, beat brain cancer. He has been such an inspiration to so many families within the cancer community and he even volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House. When LIVFREE had approached the family they said that they loved the Red Sox. We instantly knew that we would work to get them there. One of our teammates pulled some strings and we got them tickets to a game. To make this an even better experience, they were also given access to the field during batting practice. Every single person that has supported LIVFREE has had a huge impact and we are making this world a little better one family at a time. ‪#‎cancerisntwinningoverhere‬



On a beautiful summer night, a young man, Brandon, was able to take a break from chemo therapy and enjoy a Yankee game with his father. He is fighting leukemia and has been recently admitted to the hospital for impatient chemo. On Monday, he was discharged just in time to attend the Yankee game. It was a very fitting game for him to be at. In the bottom of the ninth the Yanks were down 7-3 and the game seemed all but over. All of a sudden they put a few hits together and the game was tied. Then Didi Gregorius came to the plate with a man on and he belted a pitch into the stands for the walk off home run. I'm pretty sure Brandon understood what happened there. The Yankees, despite the adversity, never quit and came out victorious. 

Brandon, your energy in infectious. You have a glow that lightens up the room (even a dreary hospital room). We know the battle you have ahead of you is going to be a tough one. When things get hard, just think back to this game. Think back about how in the bottom of the ninth the yanks kept fighting and pulled it off. Then step up to the plate and be Didi Gregorius. 


While our staff was working on the final details for our event, our third family was off enjoying The Dinosaur Place. With contributions from all of you, LIVFREE had the pleasure of providing an awesome day for a family that recently beat Leukemia. You can follow this young boy's incredible story here at Victor's Victory. Thank you for your support and assisting us with providing much needed family time to another amazingly strong family.

Here are some of the memories they created, looks like they had a dino-mite day! 

A day at the Zoo

A special thank you our very first sponsor, Ener-G Tech, Inc. With their donation we were able to send our first family to enjoy a break away from cancer treatments. They enjoyed a beautiful day at the Bronx Zoo. This was a huge milestone for LIVFREE and now we have 99 more to go for this year!!!


My name is Irene Blum. When I was 20 years old, I was a full time college student, full time worker, and a single mother of an awesome little boy named Jason. My life was very busy and I noticed I couldn’t keep up anymore. I was very tired and I had a persistent deep ache in my right leg that was so intense it would wake me up from deep sleep. I complained to my doctor for months before an MRI discovered an aggressive growth in my tibia. I was referred to Yale Orthopaedic Oncology where a biopsy revealed I had an extremely rare and aggressive form of pediatric bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. My treatment consisted of a year of high-dose chemotherapy and countless surgeries. They called me “Murphy’s Law Girl” because everything that could go wrong during treatment, did. The most debilitating complication resulted in an above-the-knee amputation. I was practically inpatient for 10 out of 12 months. During my treatment at Yale, I met Lauren Vieira and her amazing family. I became very close with them and confided in Daniel that being away from my child was tearing me apart. Just trying to stay alive not only hurt me, but hurt my son too because his mommy wasn’t around anymore. I went from being his primary caregiver to being lucky if I could see him during weekend visits at the hospital... Jason moved back in with me a couple weeks into remission and joined me at LIVFREE Day in 2015. I was honored to be the first recipient of the priceless gifts of being able to create memories with my son because I missed out on a whole year of his life. The Vieira family gave me gift cards to museums, restaurants, movies, and other family-oriented establishments in Fairfield County. My son and I enjoyed every single outing and we spent much needed quality time with one another. Checking out the sharks at the Maritime Aquarium, eating at the Cheesecake Factory, and watching movies in our local movie theater helped us momentarily forget about stupid cancer and what it did to us. The Vieira family gave my son and I the best summer of our lives because we knew firsthand how precious and short life could be. So we soaked up every opportunity to experience joy, happiness, and create new positive memories to replace those terrible ones.


In the Cancer world everything is new or at least it seems new. You don't know too much or you never heard of the different organizations or events. You never really knew compassion and the meaning of support either until you become a part of this community. You see we didn't know this world until April 2015 when H, my 12 year old son, learned that he had osteosarcoma in his femur. In the beginning of this journey we learned first hand how funds are limited. Families who have been through this journey know first hand how hard it is and, even though they're in need themselves, they always want to help out others. One organization was LIVFREE. We were going to Washington DC for Curefest and since it was a planned trip we booked the hotel and event for that night. Days before the trip, we received and email for a chance to tour the White House. This was a great opportunity for us but financially it was a little difficult. We posted on social media how we had to pass this opportunity and with no hesitation we were messaged by LIVFREE with an offer that we couldn't pass up. With their help, we were able to leave two days prior to the event and get a hotel room. We were able to sight see DC and tour the White House. LIVFREE free gave us the opportunity to enjoy our stay and see the White House, but they also taught us what love and caring is. We thank them for helping us create memories and life lessons of how the cancer community works.

The Alvarez Family 

1st Annual LIVFREE Event

Thank you to everyone that supported us and helped make our first event a great success!  Here's a look back: